A selfie of Bethany taken up against a white wall. Her straight, blonde hair is down by her shoulders. She's wearing a light grey top and is smiling with her eyes closed. She wears dark green, shimmery eyeshadow.

Blindness is a Spectrum

Bethany, 25

When I was first diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a degenerative, inherited retinal disease, I truly believed that I would wake up one day and see nothing at all, swallowed by sudden and all-consuming darkness. Three years after diagnosis, I now understand just how wrong I was, how fear of the unknown held me hostage and how connecting with the blind and visually impaired community online has helped reshape my understanding of blindness and outlook on losing my sight. One thing I wish people knew is that blindness is a spectrum. There is no one way to ‘look’ or ‘act’ blind. Everyone’s journey is unique. Two people with the same condition may have widely varied experiences and both are just as valid and important as the other. Finding community has also been the most vital thing in overcoming mental health struggles relating to my condition. I’ve learnt that I am never alone in what I’m going through and that by sharing my story with others, I am able to help uplift and support others who are on their own sight loss journeys.

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