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Autism is hard at first

Kayne, 25

The world can be really hard when you have autism, it’s too bright, too loud, and people will often
talk to you. IF any of these things sound like a problem for you, they probably have been all of your
life you probably just didn’t pay too much mind to them. So now you have a name for it all.
You start to own it. You start to deal with it. You can buy sunglasses, noise cancelling headphones, or
you just get used to the sun and the noise.

You start looking into things that interest you and eventually you will find one you’re really good at.
You will learn all you can on your own and realise to learn more you will need to talk to people.
Those people will understand the things you say and you will find them easy to speak too. You will
enjoy talking to them and they will enjoy talking to you. You will make more friends and it’s easier to
get along with them.
Early on, you might get a hard time from people you know, because they don’t understand you.
Some will joke about it, some will be rude, and you need to work out who means it and who doesn’t.
A friend that doesn’t judge you because you were born different will be a friend for as long as you
keep talking to them.

Autism is hard at first but eventually it just becomes okay and normal and you don’t even notice it as

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